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How much does a fit-out cost?

This is a very difficult question to answer as there are so many variables. However in our quest to provide as much value to our clients as possible, we’ve created a ‘fit out cost calculator’ that will help give you a good indication of the project cost by factoring in the project type, size and grade of finish (low, medium, high). If you’re worried that your budget wont stretch, ask us about how you can spread the cost of your project over 2 years.

Do I have to pay to gain access to the pre-qualified contractors?

No. Access to the shortlist of pre-qualified contractors is completely free for our customers. In fact, there is a whole host of value that our clients get throughout your project journey that is not chargeable.

How can I get the best results from your pre-qualified contractors?

It is important to know what you want – the more information you can give the pre-qualified contractors, the better. If you really want to maximise the value and execute the project as quickly as possible (without sacrificing quality) then engaging with one of our Project Managers will certainly help. Having a seasoned professional to help with your tender (including preparing all of the documents), approvals and manage your fit out will dramatically improve the likelihood of a successful, stress-free project.

Why are there only a few contractors listed for my search?

To make sure that you’re not inundated with proposals and calls, our platform will only ever recommend / shortlist a maximum of 6 contractors – whatever the project criteria is. Our due diligence is so tough and our algorithm is so accurate, that there really is no need to speak to any more than 6. All contractors recommended can do the job, and they’ll do it well.

How do I leave a review for the contractor I find at Contractors.Direct?

You will receive a call from your dedicated Account Manager at Contractors.Direct as soon as the work is completed asking you to complete short questionnaire. As the reviews are conducted by us, this means feedback cannot be biased by only listing the ‘positive feedback’ customers.

About Contractors.Direct Contractors

What due diligence checks do you carry out?

Our stringent Due Diligence checks ensures that every contractor listed on the platform is capable of delivering to a high standard and represent excellent value for money. Typically over 20 hours of skilled resource is required to complete the due diligence checks which include (but not limited to):

- Validating company documents such as Trade License and Insurances

- Customer Satisfaction surveys for projects delivered in the last 12 months

- Site inspections of projects delivered in the last 12 months

- Proposal cross-referencing – making sure what the previous clients have paid for, is actually what was installed (you’d be surprised how often inferior products are installed)

We’ve done as much as we can to safeguard our clients, and will only ever recommend experienced, ‘quality-checked’ contractors that are specific to their project.

Do you guarantee the quality of the contractors work?

Any contractor listed on the platform will have completed (and passed) stringent due diligence checks. Whilst our customers have a greater chance of a successful project by using one of the shortlisted contractors, it is not possible for us to guarantee the quality of the contractors work. Although saying that, it’s a requirement that all contractors offer a minimum 12 months guarantee for the work that they’ve delivered which helps.

What if a Contractors.Direct listed contractor does a poor job?

We personally conduct the satisfaction survey at the end of every project. If the customer has a negative experience and they’re happy for us to contact the contractor, we take up any dissatisfaction directly with them. Often issues that have arisen are due to unclear expectations, poor communication or delayed payments. Having contacted the contractor we usually find that the problems get resolved quickly and amicably.

Do you remove underperforming contractors?

Absolutely! In the unlikely event that a contractor falls short of the Contractors.Direct Standard, they will be suspended and may be terminated completely. The reason that the vast majority of the contractors on the experts work to a high standard is that our initial due diligence is stringent, and the monitoring process puts their reputation and future work on the line.

Does my business qualify to spread the cost of the project over 2 years?

Contractors.Direct has an exclusive arrangement with a UAE based organisation that provides finance (subject to terms and conditions) to our clients, making fit out projects more affordable. They have their own criteria that you would need to satisfy, but assuming you do – your business could benefit from paying as much as AED1,500,000 over 24 months. For more information speak to someone today about the options available +971 (0) 4319 9955.

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UAE businesses can now spread the cost of their fit out over 3 years through a partnership between Contractors.Direct and Beehive.

Businesses have the opportunity to spread the cost of their commercial fit out over a period of one to three years, reducing the current pressure on capital expenditure.

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