The contractors listed on the experts have demonstrated that they deserve to be listed with Contractors.Direct, having proven their ability to delivery superb work. To show their commitment to service and quality, every single member has agreed to uphold The Contractors.Direct Standard.

Contractors.Direct experts members agree to:

  • Be transparent throughout the project journey
  • Help set and deliver on pre-determined expectations
  • Be as accurate as possible when helping determine budgets and project delivery dates
  • Be polite and informative throughout the experience
  • Keep you updated on all aspects of the project before, during and after construction
  • Be fluent and open with communication throughout
  • Discuss and explain variations if the scope changes from the original agreement
  • Effectively handle any dissatisfaction or complaints amicably for a quick resolution
  • Provide a minimum 12 month warranty (Defects Liability Period) their work

Once the contractor has finished the work, a Contractors.Direct team member will call you back to obtain immediate, first-hand feedback on the contractors and their work.

All contractors listed in the Contractors.Direct experts have undergone stringent Due Diligence checks before they are displayed on our website. We’re constantly evolving our Due Diligence process to ensure that only the best value contractors make it to the site and so ensure we continue to raise the bar ‘internally’ with our own standards. Some of the key activities that we undertake in our Due Diligence to ensure the calibre of the contractors would be:


We interview the owners of all the contractors to ensure that they’re aware of our expectations at Contractors.Direct. We ask a series of standard questions to help us understand how they conduct business and treat clients.


All new members must provide us with a valid UAE Trade License that confirms the year the company started trading and the activities for which it is legally allowed to carry out.


All new members must have valid Public Liability Insurance as a minimum, to ensure you and your property are covered, before they are listed on the Contractors.Direct experts . We require up to date copies of their Public Liability Insurance each year upon renewal.


We require that all new contractors applying for a position on the experts supply at least 5 of their previous customers. Our Satisfaction Team personally call each reference to find out about their experience. This aids us to establish the quality of the trade.


All new members are required to provide proof that the trades for which they’re claiming to be able to deliver in-house, are in fact delivered by the contractor themselves (not out sourced).


Not all trades require Contractors.Direct to carry out site inspections to check the quality of workmanship. However, if your trade involves providing a product of any sort then the likelihood is we would need to conduct an inspection of a completed project and a live project to validate the contractors ability to deliver quality.

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Businesses have the opportunity to spread the cost of their commercial fit out over a period of one to three years, reducing the current pressure on capital expenditure.

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