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Interior Design Company in Dubai & The UAE

Interior design in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has become a pivotal aspect of both residential and commercial projects, reflecting the region's rapid growth and unique blend of traditional and contemporary aesthetics.

For residential projects, reaching out to the right interior designer and contractors is essential in transforming a house into a home. The personal nature of residential design requires a deep understanding of the client's lifestyle, preferences, and cultural background. In the UAE, where diverse cultures converge, this becomes even more complex. A qualified interior design and fit-out company can navigate these nuances, ensuring that the space is not just aesthetically pleasing but also reflective of the inhabitants' identities

In commercial projects, the stakes are even higher. The UAE, known for its booming business sector and tourist attractions, sees commercial spaces as extensions of its brand identity. Here, you need to work with interior design and fit-out companies in Dubai that understand the business's ethos, the brand message it wishes to convey, and the functional needs of the space. Whether it's a luxury hotel, a high-end retail store, or a corporate office, the design must not only capture the essence of the brand but also create an inviting and efficient environment for its users.

Residential Interior Design Contractors
Residential Interior Design Contractors
Residential Interior Design Contractors
Commercial Interior Design Contractors
Commercial Interior Design Contractors
Commercial Interior Design Contractors

So How Do You Find The Right Interior Designer?

Finding the right interior designer and contractor for such important projects can be daunting. This is where Contractors Direct comes into play. Recognising the challenges clients face in selecting the appropriate professionals for top-notch residential interior design services in Dubai, Contractors Direct has streamlined this process, undertaking the due diligence required to ensure that only the most qualified, reliable, and innovative designers and contractors are presented to clients.

Contractors Direct understands that every project is unique, and matching the right interior design company to the client's vision is crucial. Their comprehensive vetting process looks at a range of factors including previous work, client testimonials, financial stability, and adherence to timelines and budgets. This meticulous approach means that when a client selects a professional through Contractors Direct, they can be confident in their choice, knowing that the contractor is not only capable of realising their vision but also aligns with their specific needs and preferences.

Moreover, Contractors Direct offers a level of convenience and reassurance that is invaluable in the fast-paced, often complex world of interior design and construction in the UAE. Their residential interior design and construction services effectively eliminate the time-consuming and sometimes overwhelming task of researching and verifying the credentials of various professionals. Instead, clients are provided with a curated list of top-tier interior designers and contractors, ensuring a smooth, efficient, and successful project execution.

Commercial & Residential Interior Design Needs We Cover


  • Office Interior Interior Design

  • Government Establishment

  • School/Colleges Interior Interior Design

  • Retail/Mall Interior Interior Design

  • Warehouse Interior Interior Design

  • Hotel Interior/Exterior Interior Design

  • Restaurant Interior Interior Design

  • Spa Interior Interior Design

  • Resorts Interior Interior Design

  • Healthcare And Medical Office Interior Design


  • Villa Interior & Exterior Interior Design

  • Apartment Interior Interior Design

  • Kitchen Interior Interior Design

  • Kid's room design

  • Bedroom Interior Interior Design

  • Bathroom Interior Interior Design

  • Living Room Interior Interior Design

Why Use Contractors Direct?

The right interior design company is fundamental to the success of both residential and commercial projects in the UAE. They bring not only their design expertise but also an understanding of the unique cultural and functional requirements of the space to offer the most suitable interior design services for your residential or commercial project in Dubai. Contractors Direct plays a vital role in this ecosystem, offering a streamlined, reliable, and quality-assured pathway for clients to connect with the best professionals in the industry, ensuring their vision is not just met, but exceeded.


Benefits of Using Contractors Direct

When it comes to finding a trusted, pre qualified interior designer and/or contractor it really can be a mine field in the UAE. Unfortunately there are those that profess to be the one to help you with your project, but on project kick off, what and who turns up to undertake your dream project can sometimes be under whelming to say the least. What Contractors Direct has done is narrow the field down to those that we know don''t just way they can do the project, we know they can as we've, literally with our own eyes, seen it before. Peace of mind when choosing the most appropriate interior designer is what we do.


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UAE businesses can now spread the cost of their fit out over 3 years through a partnership between Contractors.Direct and Beehive.

Businesses have the opportunity to spread the cost of their commercial fit out over a period of one to three years, reducing the current pressure on capital expenditure.

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What Our Customers say


“The team demonstrated excellent knowledge and in-depth comprehension while considering our operational requirements. They performed with professionalism and diligence throughout. The Contractors.Direct team were well suited to carry out our working requirements and project completion was due to their unwavering efforts on our behalf.”



“The professionalism and proficiency of this team was exceptional, and they enabled the successful delivery of this project within our specific challenging time frame. I would not hesitate to give this resounding review to any firm who is seeking a capable and hands-on team to meet a tight deadline and manage a strict budget.”



“I have been extremely pleased with the performance of David and his team. The professionalism, technical ability, personal skills, supreme confidence and above all sheer dedication held the team together. We at Lean have no doubt that without Contractors.Direct project support, we would never have been able to complete this new facility in a world class manner on time.”

Operations Head


“The level of professionalism and commitment by the Contractors.Direct team was second to none. We were really pleased with their seamless handling of the project, attentiveness to the key stakeholders, and management of the entire working team. I would recommend this project management consultancy to anyone who pursues this service for their own project.”

Senior Management


“From the get-go, the team were hands on and committed to ensuring that the project was a success, taking into consideration all of the parameters that were presented. They took away a lot of the pain that we’d experienced previously & stayed focused no matter what issues cropped up along the way. I would highly recommend working with Contractors.Direct.’’

Chief Executive Officer

New Project

“Undertaking a major design and build project of this complexity needs careful planning and diligent communication with the many stakeholders involved. During the fit out of our ‘one of a kind’ co-working space we worked intensely with to reach a superb outcome that met our design, budget and timeline demands.”

Chief Executive Officer


“We engaged with Contractors.Direct to help deliver our new commercial headquarters in Internet City, Dubai. We were working against very tight timelines and needed a solution that met our stringent design and budget requirements. The space was ready to occupy on time which certainly exceeded our expectations.”

Chief People Officer


“Undertaking a major design and build project of this complexity needs careful planning and diligent communication with the many stakeholders involved. During the fit out of our ‘one of a kind’ co-working space we worked intensely with to reach a superb outcome that met our design, budget and timeline demands.”

Chief Executive Officer