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When dining at a restaurant, the customer notices three things: food quality, service, and the design and layout of the venue. We can’t help you with the first two, but Contractors.Direct has you covered with the latter. If you’re opening a new restaurant or refurbishing an existing one, use our experts to find the perfect restaurant fit out contractors for you.

A restaurant should be a feast for the eyes – not only the mouth. If customers can’t enjoy their environment as much as the meal on their plate, they’re likely to not visit again. And with so many eateries to choose from, it is vital, now more than ever, for restaurants to leave a lasting impression on customers. Appearance is important, and your restaurant needs to look as good as your food tastes. A unique and aesthetically pleasing bar and restaurant fit out attracts customers. From interior design to furniture suppliers, our Qualified Contractors can help turn your restaurant into an eye-catching hotspot.

Our Qualified Bar & Restaurant Fit Out Contractors provide:

  • Full outlet fit out including back of house areas
  • Remodelling, refurbishment & redecorating services
  • Aesthetically pleasing interior design
  • Functional & efficient layouts for maximum productivity
  • Incorporation of unique & brand-related elements


A thoughtfully crafted restaurant fit-out can be the cornerstone of business success in today’s competitive dining landscape. The interior design of your establishment can make an outstanding initial impression on diners. By adding specific elements at the suggestions of restaurant and bar fit-out contractors in Saudi Arabia, you can set the stage for their overall experience. We at Contractors Direct understand the pivotal significance of captivating visual elements and cohesive design concepts in attracting and retaining clientele. So we help you connect with the best restaurant fit-out contractors in Riyadh.

We provide access to vetted and seasoned restaurant and bar fit-out specialists who have the expertise and knowledge to strategically optimise your space to take the dining experience of every visitor to another level. Our bar and restaurant fit-out services ensure an environment designed for the happiness of patrons and staff efficiency. By leveraging our comprehensive bar and restaurant fit-out solutions in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, you can transform your restaurant into a destination where customers will be satiated and eager to return. Ultimately driving sales and propelling your business to new heights.

It used to be a challenge to find a reliable and experienced contractor for restaurant and bar interior fit-outs in Saudi Arabia. Not anymore, not when you connect through Contractors Direct. Our online portal simplifies the process of searching bar and restaurant fit-out companies. With our streamlined approach and extensive database, we can source the most qualified contractors who consistently deliver exceptional results. We conduct a stringent due diligence process, involving background checks, client feedback, and site inspections to make sure that we recommend only the top-tier fit-out contractors tailored to your restaurant renovation project needs.

We act as intermediaries between client and contractor, bridging the gap. Our dedicated project management team conducts comprehensive discovery workshops to understand your vision for your dream bar and restaurant. After taking your preferences and all specifications into consideration, we develop a bespoke project execution plan to bring your concepts to life. From concept to completion, we oversee every aspect of your restaurant interior fit-out project to make sure that every factor aligns with your vision, and meets your business objectives of finishing on time and within budget.

Partner with the most qualified and vetted interior fit-out contractors today to elevate your restaurant's aesthetic appeal and functionality, elevate customer satisfaction, and drive business success.


What Our Customers say


“The team demonstrated excellent knowledge and in-depth comprehension while considering our operational requirements. They performed with professionalism and diligence throughout. The Contractors.Direct team were well suited to carry out our working requirements and project completion was due to their unwavering efforts on our behalf.”



“The professionalism and proficiency of this team was exceptional, and they enabled the successful delivery of this project within our specific challenging time frame. I would not hesitate to give this resounding review to any firm who is seeking a capable and hands-on team to meet a tight deadline and manage a strict budget.”



“I have been extremely pleased with the performance of David and his team. The professionalism, technical ability, personal skills, supreme confidence and above all sheer dedication held the team together. We at Lean have no doubt that without Contractors.Direct project support, we would never have been able to complete this new facility in a world class manner on time.”

Operations Head


“The level of professionalism and commitment by the Contractors.Direct team was second to none. We were really pleased with their seamless handling of the project, attentiveness to the key stakeholders, and management of the entire working team. I would recommend this project management consultancy to anyone who pursues this service for their own project.”

Senior Management


“From the get-go, the team were hands on and committed to ensuring that the project was a success, taking into consideration all of the parameters that were presented. They took away a lot of the pain that we’d experienced previously & stayed focused no matter what issues cropped up along the way. I would highly recommend working with Contractors.Direct.’’

Chief Executive Officer

New Project

“Undertaking a major design and build project of this complexity needs careful planning and diligent communication with the many stakeholders involved. During the fit out of our ‘one of a kind’ co-working space we worked intensely with to reach a superb outcome that met our design, budget and timeline demands.”

Chief Executive Officer


“We engaged with Contractors.Direct to help deliver our new commercial headquarters in Internet City, Dubai. We were working against very tight timelines and needed a solution that met our stringent design and budget requirements. The space was ready to occupy on time which certainly exceeded our expectations.”

Chief People Officer


“Undertaking a major design and build project of this complexity needs careful planning and diligent communication with the many stakeholders involved. During the fit out of our ‘one of a kind’ co-working space we worked intensely with to reach a superb outcome that met our design, budget and timeline demands.”

Chief Executive Officer