How to Save Money on Your Next Office Space

How to Save Money on Your Next Office Space

Choosing the right office can transform the way you do business. Increasingly, companies are realising the importance of interior design in the workspace. It can be used to boost employee productivity and wellbeing as well as to project your desired brand image to clients. A great office should embody the vibe you’re looking to create in your workspace through interior design and decoration. Think about creating an environment conducive to employee success. In fact, you can even get employees involved in the design. A study at University of Exeter revealed that giving employees the opportunity to contribute to the interior design process can increase productivity by 32%. While it sounds fantastic to explore how interior design can enhance your business, we understand that finding or refurbishing an office space in Dubai can be expensive. However, we are passionate about transforming commercial spaces so your business can operate in a positive space that you are proud of. Fortunately, as project management specialists in the commercial office fit out industry, we have worked with top interior design firms in Dubai and have picked up a few tips on how to save money on your next office space:


Work with your designer to decide on what aspects of the interior design you want to invest in and where you want to save money. Fittings and décor, such as storage cupboards and shelves can be purchased at a relatively cheap price and can withstand use for many years. These are areas where you can go for cheaper options and save. Allocate a larger budget to key pieces of the interior design that will be an investment. For example, purchasing a desk chair. Buying a cheap desk chair could result in increased wear and tear and lack of comfort. Investing in an ergonomic desk chair is a great investment that directly impacts employee wellbeing. Not to mention, it can be transported easily used in any office you move into.


Having an interior design firm fit out your entire office can be a costly affair. Instead, you could pick and choose areas of the office space that you feel need to be redesigned. A talented designer will work to create a space that remains cohesive. Focus on key areas that have a large impact on employees and potential clients such as reception areas, breakout areas and meeting rooms. This way interior design services could be more affordable. You can gain inspiration for smaller changes until you gradually transform the complete workspace.


It is important to compare the potential interior designers on offer. Not only will they vary in cost but will take different approaches to the design itself. It is important not just to focus on the cost, take measures to ensure you can see the work they have created, the reviews of their clients and the challenges they have faced previously.


Working with an experienced project management company in Dubai can facilitate the design process considerably. From connecting you with the right designer to ensuring the entire development process is as efficient as possible, skilled project management can be the key to a successful new office fit out. One of the biggest factors affecting the cost of a project is the time. Time delays and poor planning will result in additional costs, loss of operational ability and a huge amount of your personal time. Choose a project management team that can prove their delivery of projects like yours within the given time and budget, you will thank us later. In addition to a trusted network of reliable designers, Project Partners offers expert project management services and office fit out solutions that will help you achieve the workspace you desire in addition to saving money. Project Partners delivers high-quality project management services for a low-risk investment. When planning your next office interior design, try to keep these tips in mind! We hope that our advice imparted some useful guidance on how to save money on your next office space.