How to Qualify the Best Project Management Company in Dubai

How to Qualify the Best Project Management Company in Dubai

5 things to ensure you will have your project delivered on time and within budget So, you’re ready to start your fit-out or renovation, but you still need a project management company to coordinate and oversee the process. But with so many to choose from, how can you find the best project management company in Dubai to help you complete your project on time and within budget?

1. Communication is key

Your project management company needs to be able to communicate effectively internally and with project stakeholders, which include you, your contractors, and other parties providing products, materials, and services. In Dubai, that also means being able to navigate the multi-lingual and multi-cultural landscape that encompasses every industry in the city.

Remember that good communication goes both ways. If you require any changes or have concerns about your project, be sure to let your project management company know as soon as possible so that they can minimise any disruptions and keep your project on track. With respect to communication, it is important to understand who will manage your project, not just the person that is selling or representing the company. Ask to meet the individual project manager and ensure that you can communicate effectively. Ask them about their personal project experience.

2. Look for independency

Your project management company should remain independent to the contractor. Their role is to ensure that the contractors deliver what they promised, on budget and on time. After all, they are employed by you to do exactly what they said they would do, manage the project. It is vital that you dig into how they work with contractors, ask them not only about their success stories but of times when things didn’t go to plan and how they acted to ensure the project was a success.

3. Experience matters

During your search for the best project management company in Dubai, ask each about their connections with fit-out companies and contractors. Who have they worked with and on what projects? It is important to explore here to understand how they have worked with these companies to deliver successful projects. Remember that the a great fit is a team that has worked on projects that have a similar scope to you. Don’t be blinded by the big names that may be displayed, ask more about the jobs they have completed that are similar to yours and the experiences and challenges they faced with these.

Experience doesn’t only lie with the contractors, it also involves the authorities. Many a time a project can be delayed by the approvals process being an afterthought or not properly tied into the deliverables.

When you choose an experienced project management company, you are joining with a team of professionals who know what works (and what doesn’t). With this real-world know-how, they will be able to identify, and resolve, potential challenges and offer invaluable guidance that will help your project finish on time and stay on budget.

4. Transparency is critical

From start to finish, you’ll need a clear vision for your project and you’ll need to know what’s happening at each stage. By working with your project management company to develop a master design and cost plan, you’ll have a highly transparent framework for your project’s costs and timeframe. And using a master cost plan in conjunction with regular site visits and quality inspections means you’ll know exactly what’s happening with your project at any point.

5. Availability

Project management is about having working on your behalf to deliver a project. They will need to be available to visit the site frequently and to update as to progress at any given time. Ask your project management team about the availability to represent you on site as well as the structure of the project feedback. The best teams will be able to present you with week by week updates on progress goals, as well as compared to the overall project plan. They should be able to update you more frequently on matters of high importance.

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