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How Much Does an Office Interior Design Cost in Dubai?

How Much Does an Office Interior Design Cost in Dubai?

Before you start work on your new office, or begin renovating your current space, you probably want some idea of the cost. For office interior design in Dubai, there are a few factors that affect cost, which you’ll want to consider before moving forward with your plans. These factors include:

  • Space and fit-out level
  • Materials and customisation
  • Timeframe

Space and Fit-out Level

Of course, size does affect office interior design cost in Dubai, with bigger areas usually costing more overall. But every space will also be ‘fitted-out’ to a certain level of completion, which can have a big impact on your budget.

Fit-out options run the range from the absolute basics, like shell-and-core, to complete turnkey projects. Knowing where your space falls on this scale can help you understand your overall costs.

For example, shell-and-core options give you the basics – the structure, cladding, base plant, completed common areas (like main receptions, staircases, lobbies, etc.), and external works (like utilities and car parks). A shell-and-core space lets you be as minimalist or creative as you want, but it does come with the cost of finishing the area for occupation.

On the other end of the spectrum, a turnkey office is completely fitted-out with everything in place and ready to go, which can reduce costs when choosing your new office or renovating your current one, but only if the existing interior design already works for your company and/or requires just some minor adjustments.

Materials and Customisation

A large part of your office interior design will include the quality and type of materials you want to use and the level of customisation required. If you’re happy with a minimally designed open plan office, then you’ll reduce your costs for materials and customisation. But if your company needs a space with a luxury finishing and/or customised areas suitable for specific purposes (like soundproof rooms or specialised work areas), then this should be factored into your overall costs.


How quickly do you need your office completed? If you need a fast turnaround with your space occupation-ready ASAP, that will require an adjustment in your cost. When everything happens at a rapid pace, more is required behind-the-scenes to make sure everything goes smoothly (e.g., implementing change orders, ensuring the project’s stages are completed correctly, etc.). Having a longer timeframe allows you to have more time to discuss and put change orders into action, as well as manage your costs in conjunction with your project manager.

With these factors and others at play, it’s best to consult an experienced professional to determine your office interior design cost in Dubai. At Contractors.Direct we offer a free-to-use fit out cost calculator and also provide financing options so that you can spread the cost of repayments across 2 years.

Are you looking to refresh your office interior design or are have you acquired a new space? With Contractors.Direct you can search for qualified contractors across the region that are specific to your project requirements.