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Restaurant Fit Out

When dining at a restaurant, the customer notices three things: food quality, service, and the design and layout of the venue. We can’t help you with the first two, but Contractors.Direct has you covered with the latter. If you’re opening a new restaurant or refurbishing an existing one, use our portal to find the perfect restaurant fit out contractors for you.

A restaurant should be a feast for the eyes – not only the mouth. If customers can’t enjoy their environment as much as the meal on their plate, they’re likely to not visit again. And with so many eateries to choose from, it is vital, now more than ever, for restaurants to leave a lasting impression on customers. Appearance is important, and your restaurant needs to look as good as your food tastes. A unique and aesthetically pleasing restaurant fit out attracts customers. From interior design to furniture suppliers, our Qualified Contractors can help turn your restaurant into an eye-catching hotspot.

Our Qualified Contractors provide:

  • Full outlet fit out including back of house areas
  • Remodelling, refurbishment & redecorating services
  • Aesthetically pleasing interior design
  • Functional & efficient layouts for maximum productivity
  • Incorporation of unique & brand-related elements

Restaurant layouts consist of two distinct parts: the kitchen and the seating area. Customers will be spending all of their time seated at a table in the front of house. Several factors need to be considered when designing the dining floor plan. Chairs need to be comfortable yet stylish. Floorspace needs to accommodate as many people as possible yet maintain an acceptable amount of space between tables. Lighting needs to be dimmed to set a relaxed mood but still needs to be bright enough for customers to see everything. The list goes on. If you require more than just interior design and need a full turnkey fit out, Contractors.Direct is happy to recommend a trustworthy and reliable contractor to see to your needs.

The kitchen is the most crucial part of any restaurant. Food is cooked, prepared and stored here. Staff spend the better part of their day in here. And it houses all the important equipment needed to ensure things run smoothly throughout the day. It is the heart and soul of your restaurant. A good kitchen design in Dubai consists of a setup that’s clean, easy to use and easy to maintain – especially on those busy nights. You need to make your space work for you. Is there enough room for the ovens and refrigerators? Is your ventilation, waste disposal, lighting and cleaning areas optimised for efficiency? Does your kitchen meet all health and safety requirements and is it up to code? Will your staff be happy with your kitchen design and layout? Aside from meeting the above requirements, your kitchen still needs to be beautifully decorated. That’s a lot of work. Fortunately, our Qualified Contractors can make the process an easy one. We source only qualified contractors that are available for a variety of projects of any size and across all industries, including restaurant fit outs.

We interview, vet and monitor contractors so that you don’t have to. We guarantee that all our recommended contractors have the proper certifications and offer high quality, professional work. Our project management team also manages each project from concept to completion to ensure that deadlines, budget expectations and specifications are always met. Your restaurant is in good hands at Contractors.Direct.

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