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They are a very professional, big company. They are well priced usually, definitely not the cheapest but still reasonable compared to the market. We really like working with them, due to their high commitment, and are proud to say we have received awards on projects that they worked on for us. No one is really perfect, but we still would say that describes them very well.


Great Quality

They are very professional. They focus a lot on quality especially on MEP, which very few contractors do. They have delivered our projects on time and are prompt in attending meetings. The fact that they have designers in house, carpentry in house makes them in our view part of the top 3 in the market. They are in it for the long term and that shows in the way they treat their customers.


Very Thorough

They have a lot of experience and great knowledge in particular technical skills. We like working with them as they come up with value engineering ideas when it is needed, they take pride and responsibility of their work. They are always ready to rectify any problems.